1-Click Port

Effortlessly port your GCP marketplace operations to Clazar without any downtime or historical data loss.

Integrating with GCP Marketplace to list your product is a non-trivial task. It takes considerable effort for the initial setup and the post-setup upkeep. That is why many Sellers choose to go through third-party providers to get their product listed in order to eliminate the need to tie up their own engineering resources. In some other cases, Sellers start working on an in-house solution only to later start looking for a third-party solution.

If you are dissatisfied with your current GCP Marketplace integration solution, whether third-party or in-house, or simply looking for a better alternative, look no further. Clazar can port your existing GCP marketplace integrations and operations without any business downtime for your listings or loss of historical marketplace data. The transition will be virtually seamless and unnoticeable, with the exception of a noticeably better product experience.

Data Ported

What will be ported? Everything!

After the port process is complete, it will feel like you had been using Clazar's platform since the first day of your listing on GCP Marketplace. We will port all historical and current data including:

  • Listing - all your listing information will be auto-populated.
  • Buyers - all your current and past buyers with all relevant data will be available.
  • Contracts - all your current and past contracts will be visible.
  • Metering Records - all of your metered usage records will be auto-populated.
  • Private Offers - all of your private offers you have ever created will be available.
  • Analytics Data - all of your revenue, disbursements, and customer reports will be present.

Even many of the Events as shown in the Clazar product (which are an artifact of Clazar's system and not GCP Marketplace) will be backfilled. The goal is to make sure that you have the smoothest transition possible without the need for any back and forth reconciliation with your existing solution.


Port a Single Listing

If you have multiple listings on GCP Marketplace, you can choose to port any single one, any two, or any other combination you like. Except for the Analytics Data, Clazar ports all your other information and integrations at a listing level.

Process Overview

No change to existing integration:

  1. Grant Clazar the necessary permissions to access your marketplace resources.
  2. Clazar ports all your data within a few days and performs integration tests to ensure everything works properly.

Changes to existing integration:

  1. Change the Technical Integration -> Frontend URL to Clazar's endpoint - all sign-ups from new buyers, through the GCP marketplace will be routed to the registration page you set up in Clazar's platform.
  2. Shut down your existing integration and start metering usage through Clazar.


No Downtime

Your existing integration will continue to work throughout the porting process and you can continue conducting all GCP marketplace related business as usual.

In fact, right after step 1, Clazar's integration will work fully in parallel with your existing integration, except for reporting of new Metering Records and the registration signup page, which will continue working through the existing integration. You can try out the superior product experience of Clazar for some time before making changes to your existing integration, but why wait?

Time Required

No engineering work is required from your side, so the port process will take no more than two meetings of 30 minutes or less from your end - one at the beginning and the other at the end of the process. The whole porting process itself can take time ranging anywhere from less than 12 hours to 3-4 days depending on the state of your existing integrations.


Owner Access Required

Note that 'Owner' access to your GCP Marketplace project will be required during these two meetings since they will involve granting new accesses and modifying existing ones.

Information we require

We will require the following information from your side before you can grant the necessary permissions to Clazar:

  • Project ID - Your GCP Marketplace project's ID. This should usually be something like <your_company_name>-public.
  • Project Number - Your GCP Marketplace project's 12 digit project number
  • Marketplace Service Account Email - The email of the service account which is being used in the technical integration section of your product
  • Reports GCP Bucket Name - The name of the GCP bucket configured as a destination for your marketplace reports.

Data Sources

All your GCP marketplace-related data lives in GCP and can be retrieved from there. Your existing integration solution, whether third-part or in-house, is merely a facilitator and will hardly ever add any new data on top of it. That is why we can port all your historical data directly from GCP without a hitch, and it will be the same as what you had in your existing solution.

The sources for historical data include all Analytics data and GCP marketplace APIs.