Buyers & Contracts

When your prospective customer goes to GCP marketplace and purchases your product, a contract is created between you and the customer based on the plan the customer has bought. GCP provides a detailed description about the purchase, like plan details, offer details, customer information and address on various channels. We integrate your GCP Pub/Sub topic and Partner Procurement API, to collect details around buyer and the purchased offer to populate a 360 view of your buyer.

Buyer's 360

sample buyers page in Clazar

sample buyers page in Clazar

You can go to the buyers page to find all your buyers. Here you can also see the recent events around your buyers. You can also see all the expiring buyers, that have contracts ending in next 5 days. You can connect with such buyers and take your relationship to it's next step.

Buyer screen

sample buyer screen in Clazar

A buyer is an GCP account associated with the purchase of your listing. When a customer buys listing, Clazar gathers various details around the customer from various sources. Clazar's Buyer 360 aggregate all the information and builds a 360 degree view around a buyer in one place, in an easy to consume way. You get access to buyer events, past contracts of the buyer, current and upcoming plan details, buyer metadata and identifiers for reconciliation and editable registration details for tagging your buyer.


Configuring Seller registration page

You can refer to The Registration Page Documentation for detailed guideline on how to configure and customise your registration page.

Buyer Events

You can find all the buyer centric events on the Buyer screen. These events help you track buyer's journey over your product from buyer's first contract getting created and registered to all the changes and renewals in the contract. For details on all these events you can refer to Events Documentation.

sample buyer events

sample buyer events

Buyer Contracts

All the contracts between you and a specific buyer can be seen on the Buyer screen. Each time a contract is recouped a new contract will be created. These contracts helps you gain not only current but historical view on reacquisitions/recouping of your customers.



From the snapshot below, you can see that all the contracts for a buyer are disjoint. Only when one contract ends the other begins.

Buyer contracts

sample buyer contracts

You can refer to contract metadata to gain further insights into what the buyer bought via a specific contract. More on these in the Contract Section below.

Buyer contract metadata

sample contract with metadata

Buyer Registration Details

On Buyer screen you can navigate to the right hand side panel to see all the details the buyer filled in their registration flow. It also facilitates you, a seller with an option to update the details. You're advised to keep these details upto date to in better differentiate the buyers.


Buyer name from registration details

You can also you Company Name field to update buyer name that's shown on buyer card to better track your buyer. The same name can then be used to search for that buyer from buyers page

Buyer Registration Details

sample buyer registration details

Current Plan Details

You can find current plan details below the registration details. These section tells you what plan the buyer currently is on and which offer was used for the purchase or modification of the plan. Your also told the offer type whether it's public offer or a private one along with it's term validity.


Information Availability

The information is shown as it's provided by GCP. When a buyer buys, only offer end time and offer term are not available, they're provided when the contract is activated.

sample buyer entitlements

sample current plan details

Upcoming Plan Details

In case the buyer has requested for a plan upgrade/downgrade or he has accepted a private offer while the current contract is going on, it may take util the billing cycle to activate the bought plan. Till then you can refer to Upcoming Plan Details section for the details. In case of public offer, if the plan is upgraded, it'll become active soon (within 5 minutes) after purchase. While for private offer, you can specify when the plan should be effective, either immediately, on a specific start date or on current offer expiry.


Information Availability

This section is only shown when a new plan is in pending state and will start on a later date. Once the new plan has started, you'll start seeing it's details in Current Plan Details instead.

sample upcoming plan details

sample upcoming plan details

Buyer Metadata

Buyer details come from various sources. You can use company name, domain and email id to identify a particular buyer. In case company name is not present you can fill registration detail from above section and it'll start reflecting here.

Buyer metadata

sample buyer metadata

Buyer Identifiers

On buyer screen you can checkout all the identifiers below buyer metadata section on the right hand side panel. Entitlement Id available here corresponds to the latest buyer contract, and can be used for reconciliation in the analytics reports along with Account Id. Learn more about GCP Analytics here. Identifiers like Offer Id and Product Id helps you track how exactly that buyer was acquired. You can go to the specified offer to find the price model type and other details.

sample buyer identifiers

sample buyer identifiers


sample contracts page

sample contracts page

A contract represents a legal and professional relationship between you and your customers. GCP Entitlements are represented as contracts in Clazar platform. Clazar provides you with a visibility into GCP Entitlements through it's metadata. You can see the state of your entitlement, plan details and offer validity in a contracts metadata. A contract lives in the following states: ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVATION_REQUESTED, ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVE, ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_PLAN_CHANGE_APPROVAL, ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_PLAN_CHANGE, ENTITLEMENTPENDING_CANCELLATION, _ENTITLEMENT_CANCELLED. A pending contract is a contract in state ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVATION_REQUESTED, which means the contract requires your approval to be effective. Also, in case automatic offer approval is enabled, a pending contract means the contract is future dated. An active contract is a contract in one of the following states: ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVE, ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_PLAN_CHANGE_APPROVAL, ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_PLAN_CHANGE and ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_CANCELLATION. An active contract means your customer is currently entitled to your services. An active contract with auto approval enabled will renew at the end of the billing term, and end date and duration on the contract card will get updated. An inactive contract is always in ENTITLEMENT_CANCELLED state from which it can't be revived. When the same customer buys your product again, a new contract is created in the system.


Approve New Contract

When a new contract is created, you'll have to approve it through pending section on contracts/buyers page. Then only it'll be activated and the billing will start.

sample pending buyer

sample pending buyer

approve entitlement dialog box

approve entitlement dialog box

You can also refer to the type of offer used for the purchase by the buyer from offer type on the contract card. A contract can be created from either a private or a public offer.

Contract Lifecycle

contract lifecycle

contract lifecycle

A GCP Entitlement is in ENTITLEMENTACTIVATION_REQUESTED when the contract is created on buyer's purchase. The buyer goes through your registration page. You get the details buyer fields through a contract registered event. Depending upon whether automatic offer approval is configured for your listing or not, you're required to approve the contract to start the billing. Once approved the entitlement gets into _ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVE or ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_CANCELLATION state depending upon whether auto renewal is on or not.

In case the buyer upgrades or downgrades the plan, or accepts a private offer from you, the plan change is initiated. In case of plan downgrade, the plan is changed at the end of billing period and in the meanwhile the entitlement stays in ENTITLEMENTPENDING_PLAN_CHANGE state. In case the private offer has future start date, then also the entitlement moves to _ENTITLEMENT_PENDING_PLAN_CHANGE state and then it moves to ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVE state.

Contract Pending

When a buyer purchases your listing or accepts your private offer, a contract is created between you and the buyer. During the purchase, GCP creates an entitlement in ENTITLEMENT_ACTIVATION_REQUESTED state. A gcp.contract.pending event is created soon after. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Pending Event Documentation.

Contract Registered

When a buyer buys your listing, GCP asks the buyer to signup the buyer through the registration page you configure in Clazar platform. The buyer is taken through the Buyer registration flow, where buyer submits the information you asked on your Buyer registration page. To learn more about configuring your Buyer registration page visit Buyer Flow and Registration Documentation. After the buyer submits the registration details, a gcp.contract.registered event is triggered. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Registered Event Documentation.

Contract Activated

When a contract is approved by you in Clazar platform, the contract becomes active and the billing starts. A gcp.contract.activated event is created. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Activated Event Documentation.

Contract Plan Change Initiated

The buyer can upgrade or downgrade the plan if it's created using public offer. In case you send a private offer to a buyer already active on your product, on acceptance it initiates plan change. A gcp.contract.plan_change_initiated event is triggered in these scenarios. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Plan Change Initiated Event Documentation.

Contract Plan Changed

In case of future dated private offers, the plan is changed on the specified date. In case of public offer, downgrades are effective when the current billing term ends. For the rest of the scenarios the plan is changed immediately and a gcp.contract.plan_changed event is triggered. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Plan Changed Event Documentation.

Contract Plan Change Canceled

If the plan change request is revoked by the buyer agcp.contract.plan_change_canceled event is triggered. And the last plan remains effective. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Plan Change Canceled Event Documentation.

Contract Renewed

If your buyer has configured auto renew on a specific contract, it automatically renews at the end of current billing term. When a contract is renewed, the contract remains active with offer end date and duration updated. An gcp.contract.renewed event is triggered as the contract gets renewed. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Renewed Event Documentation.

Contract Canceled

When a GCP contract gets expired and auto renewal is off, the contract and that buyer both are marked inactive. You can visit inactive panes to find them out on Clazar contract and buyer pages. When a contract is canceled, a gcp.contract.canceled event is triggered. To learn more about the event, please refer Contract Canceled Event Documentation.