Cloud Setup

Setup your GCP Marketplace project and grant Clazar the necessary permissions to manage your Marketplace activities


  • Although not required, it may be good to first complete the steps in the Account Setup section before proceeding, as the process of completing the account setup itself can take 2-4 weeks.

Setup Google Partner Advantage Account

To gain further understanding of becoming a Partner eligible to list products on the Google Cloud Marketplace, refer to the Partner Advantage Program documentation.

GCP Cloud Setup

To set up your GCP marketplace project and required Clazar permissions, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account on the Clazar Platform.
  2. Go to the Settings section of the platform.
  3. In the Cloud Setup section, find and click on GCP to initiate the cloud setup process.

Create Marketplace Project

Google Cloud requires a new project to be created for the purposes of marketplace activities.

  • Go to Cloud Resource Manager
  • Click Create Project
  • Your project name should be of the format <your_company_name>-public
  • Once the project is created, go to Cloud Overview -> Dashboard in the new project. The link will be<project_name_created_above>
  • Copy the Project ID and Project Number from the Dashboard and fill and save them in the Clazar Platform.
  • You will also need to connect an existing or new billing account to the newly created project.


GCP Marketplace Project

The new project must be created inside an organization. You may use an existing organization if you have one, or create a new organization.


Before Proceeding Further

Before proceeding further, ensure that you have linked an active billing account to the project created above, and filled the required details (Project Number and Project ID) in Clazar's platform. If these steps are not completed, the next step will fail.

Setup Marketplace Project

Once you have created the marketplace project, connected a billing account, and filled the project details on Clazar's platform, you can now copy and run the Google Cloud Shell commands under the Setup Marketplace Project section to provision the necessary resources and IAM permissions in your project. These include the resources required by Google Cloud Marketplace as well as those required by Clazar to manage your marketplace activities. These resources are detailed in the Resources Provisioned section below.



If you encounter any issues or need further assistance during the Marketplace Project Setup, please reach out to the Clazar support team. They will provide guidance and support to help address any concerns you may have.


Google Cloud Shell Commands)

The commands that you copy and run from the Setup Marketplace Project section are not static. They are dynamically generated based on the Project ID and Project Number provided in the Create Marketplace Project section.

Here's how you should run the commands shown above:

  1. Open your Google Cloud Shell
  2. Copy and paste the first block of commands from Clazar and run them.
  3. Check whether the service account: <your_project_number> now has the Owner role.
    1. Go to IAM
    2. Tick the checkbox which says 'Include Google-provided role grants'
    3. Check for the role grant. You may have to wait a couple of minutes for the role to be granted. This is due to how permission propagation works on GCP.
  4. Once you have confirmed that the aforementioned service account has the necessary role, copy and paste the second block of commands from Clazar and run them.
  5. Once the commands finish running, come back to the Clazar platform, tick Marketplace Project Setup Done, and click on Test configuration. This will check whether everything has been setup properly.

Each block of commands take somewhere less than 5 minutes to complete.


Setup Marketplace Project: Connected

After you have finished running the commands, clicking on Test Configuration will check whether all the necessary resources and permissions have been provisioned correctly. If everything is good, the status of will be updated and marked as "Connected".


Setup Marketplace Project: Error

If something goes wrong or is incorrectly setup, the status of the Setup Marketplace Section will be marked as "Error". If everything before this went correctly, this may be because of the permission propagation delays on GCP's side. You can wait and try testing the configuration again in 30 seconds. If the issue persists, contact Clazar's customer success.

Resources Provisioned

Clazar uses GCP Deployment Manager to automate the creation of the bulk of the required resources.


GCP Deployment Manager

GCP Deployment Manager is a Google Cloud Platform service that automates the creation, deployment, and management of cloud resources using declarative templates.

The Google Cloud Shell commands that you will run will perform the following:

  • Enable the following APIs so that resources can be created programmatically (from Deployment Manager and cloud console commands):
  • Grant Owner role to the service account: <your_project_number> This is a google provided service account which is used by the GCP Deployment Manager to create resources in your project.
  • Run the Deployment Manager template, which will modify or create the following resources:
    • Marketplace Service Account: which is used in the technical integration section of the listings in your Producer Portal in order to call GCP Marketplace APIs.
    • Grant Clazar's service account permission to impersonate the Marketplace Service Account, so that Clazar can access your marketplace APIs.
    • Assign the permissions required by Google Cloud Marketplace:
    • Grant Clazar Support email permissions to access your Producer Portal in order to manage your listings, private offers, reports, and other marketplace related resources.
    • Create a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket which will be configured as the destination for your GCP marketplace reports and grant Clazar access to it.
    • Create a Pub/Sub topic, subscription, and GCS bucket notification configuration so that Clazar gets notified in real-time about new marketplace reports.

Setup Producer Portal

Once your marketplace project is setup, you should use the project details to fill the GCP Marketplace Project Info form shared by your Google Cloud representative, which will be a prerequisite to accessing the Producer Portal.

After getting access to the Producer Portal, you should also complete your Payment Profile in the portal to receive payments for your marketplace transactions from the GCP marketplace.


Q: Do I need to complete the GCP Partner Advantage Account Setup before setting up my GCP Marketplace Project?
A: Although completing the GCP Account Setup is not a hard prerequisite for setting up the marketplace project, it is recommended as the account setup process itself can take 4+ weeks.

Q: How does the Deployment Manager help in the setup process?
A: The Deployment Manager automates the creation and configuration of the required GCP resources, roles, and permissions needed for the Clazar integration.

Q: What should I do if the Deployment Manager deployment fails?
A: In case of a failure you should review the error messages and reach out to Clazar support for assistance.

Q: What should I do if I encounter any issues during the configuration?
A: If you face any difficulties or have questions regarding the Cloud setup, it is recommended to contact Clazar support for guidance and assistance.